Gameplay Changes
Completely Reworked Bone & Bone Tools
New Bone Armor!
Party now shares "Trees Chopped", "Ores Mined", and "Ingredients Gathered" stats in Multiplayer
Players will always spawn in a Forest Biome first
EXP Orbs don't bounce as far away
You cannot get duplicate Skills anymore
Increased Tool prices
Players regain 1 HP whenever their HP stat levels up
Boars are smarter, cleaned up their AI & Animation
Big HP Potions now restore 5 HP.
Dropped Items won't move towards you or other players
Scourge Wall's HP increased to 4000, +700 per extra player
Scourge Wall's Attack rate increased by a couple of seconds
Blue Worm's HP increased to 100
Ghoul's HP increased to 50
Fire Dragon's range increased
Fire Dragon's speed increased

Bug Fixes
Fixed Coal Bug
Fixed Blacksmith Item Duplication Bug
Fixed Incorrect Stats Bug
Fixed Flying Mob Speed Bug
Fixed Potion Lingering Bug
Fixed Picking up Arrows Bug
Fixed Skill use while dead Bug
Supports A LOT more Resolutions
Updated Controls Menu