Bug Fixes
Fixed Input customization
Fixed Text bug
Fixed Black Screen Bug

Gameplay Changes
New REWARD SYSTEM upon dying or winning
1,2,3,4,5 keys default to Action Bar slots
Z,X,C, keys default to Skills
Gameplay Timer added
Eating Cooked Food has a 50% chance to increase HP
Cannot eat food if hunger is at max

New Races
Added Noble Race
Added Orclops Race
Added Dwelf Race
Added Crusader Race
Added Remnant Race
Added Trogon Race
Added Earthkin Race
Added Pigfolk Race

New Hats
Added Gatherer Headband
Added Miner Cap
Added Berserker Scarf
Added Archer Hat
Added Magician Hat
Added Bunny Ears
Added Bat Wing
Added Tyrannox Hat
Added Wasp Goggles
Added Tiki Mask
Added Wizard Beard
Added Hero Crown
Added Shroom Hat
Added Spider Egg
Added Skeleton Mask
Added Dragon Mask
Added Scourge Mask